Life Lesson's

Some people approach their yoga practice as a break from the world, a separate space where they can recover from life's stresses and strains. Once they've pulled themselves back together, they return to their families and jobs renewed.

But what we really want to learn is how to incorporate our yoga practice into the rest of our lives and to respond to life's challenges without adding tension and stress. It is at this level that yoga really becomes a deeper practice. You can be under tremendous stress and come back into experiencing feeling grounded as though it were just another moment of Tadasana (Mountain Pose); or you can receive a big disappointment and be able to drop into your breath, realizing it's just another moment of practice; you can be in the daily tension of your everyday life, and allow the breath to move the feelings through your body allowing you to relax.

Close your eyes, relax, get centered, get balanced and breathe.............Namaste Cyn
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